The Liddles! I made these in Nov. 2016. I decided to provide them to you as linkware. They are not public domain! Please don't snag them and claim them as your own <--- that's stealing, and stealing is frowned upon immensely in the pixel playgrounds, dolls, digital art, and graphics communities. And yes, we do communicate. I will remove these if The Liddles are misused and/or abused. Thank you for respecting these terms.

If you do use them, please send me an email, or leave a link on the tagboard, and I'll return the visit. I'd love to see how you use them. Make a colorful day!

 photo Liddles2_zpscxzrfyf0.gif
Click on the image and you may download this linkware bases (one image)

All things in the following Exhibit and Showcase are NOT adoptable. The are simply for display!

My Liddles Exhibit - made by me...
Liddles Showcase - made by others...