Way back in 2004ish Stormmey of "The Graphics Barn" (*no longer online*) took us by storm with digital pixel stamps. Oh my- there were so many different ones. I lost my originals in a computer crash and over a series of moves I lost some boxes and my PSP stuff was among one of them.
Once I started doodling again (October 2016) ... I looked for stamps and lo and behold Euri had an active collection. So many i remember and so many new ones ... I think she may be the last collector. If I find more- I will add, but I want to restart collecting stamps. I enjoy pixeling so win/win!! So if you found this page because you're looking to collect, color, and or swap - please email me at EMAIL me and let's get this collection circulating again.

Would you like to create and color some stamps? ... Please click on the following stamp(s) images to save to your own computer. they will open in a new window. Happy Coloring!! Please keep the dimensions as they are ... this keeps them in alignment when you display them row by row!
 photo 39x45_zpsp5opk2p0.gif    photo 75x45_zpslvup13xg.gif

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