Just a wish list of things I'd love to acquire so I don't forget as there's so much talent and fun out there. I enjoy making sigtags, greetings, images, and the best, surprises!! These are possible with the help other artists tubes, outlines, and line art.

 Membership to MPP at Donnas
* Cassiopeia Collections
: Edwina Casual and *Edwina with Balloon
Tiny Leo's:  *Christmas Set. *Lolita Set.
*Little Thankfuls, *SandyToes and *JelliBuns Tubes at RoseyPoseyPixels
* Everything from Vanilla Pixels - i love JoJo's work!
* Fairy Sitter Linepack at Sicaras. I just discovered her pixel site .... someone take my wallet please!!

Tati's Pixels: Sinayab Fall and Colorful Autumn Prew
Lil Fuzzies Spring Bear