About TCG

The Pixel Trading Card Game was created by a group of ladies from all over the world who wanted to use paid memberships, tubes, and outlines from their memberships to create cute trading cards. A lot of members make their graphics and pixels from scratch, mouse drawn by them.
Over the years, TCG has been passed from owner to owner and hundreds of members have been involved. This page shows our current members.

TCG welcomes new members, as long as you meet the criteria, approval is simple. Come join the fun!!! :O)


Update: 2/12/17: TCG has a new Mascot


I joined TCG Trading Card Game in November 2016. Euri told me about it ~ Thanks hun! It’s right up my alley as it reminds me of the Stamp Swap *circa 2003-5* and other swaps as well. Yayyy more pixels and graphics to do and collect! …


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